Frequently Asked Questions

Find here some of the most common questions about the book(s), this website and more.
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  • 1- How can I contact the author so he can come to my school or company to give a speech?


    -Via email: by using the form 'Contact Us' section, at bottom of this website, or the option 'Author -> Contact the author/speaker' at the top navigation. The email is received directly by the author/speaker. He'll reply as soon as possible.

    -Via Facebook: by clicking on any of the Facebook icons at this website. Once at the 'Mooove ahead' facebook page, leave Tony a comment.

  • 2- What are the available versions or formats for the book 'Mooove ahead of the corporate herd'?


    The book is available in printed version or as ebook for: Kindle, iPad and Nook.

  • 3- Can I buy the books directly from this website?


    No, to buy any of the versions of the book(s) you will be redirected to the proper external site to proceed with the purchase (i.e. Amazon, Apple store, etc).

  • 4- Can I return the printed version of the book if I had an issue with it?


    Yes, to return the book you would need to follow the procedures described at the site where you made the purchase (Lulu.com).

  • 5- Can I see samples of the book(s) chapters before purchase?


    Yes, sample chapters are available for download as PDF files. Select the name of the book you want to go directly to the page where the book cover and highlights are displayed. You will find there links to download the files.

  • 6- Does the author/speaker have a blog?


    Yes, you can access the author/speaker's blog by clicking on any of the latest blog posts at the homepage or by selecting the 'Blog' option under the 'Social' section.

  • 7- Does this website have a forum to talk about topics related to the book(s) sold here?


    Yes, you can access the available Forum to start a topic by clicking on any of the latest topics displayed at the bottom of the website. The author/speaker moderates the forums.