"You knocked it out of the park. Lots of good feedback."-John Lang; "A big THANK YOU for coming out and presenting today! -- John Lang; "I’ve received a lot of positive feedback and associates are getting excited about the raffle. Thank you again for donating the books." -- Katy McCulley
"You were great. Thanks so much"
Thank you again so much for talking with us yesterday! I also really appreciate all of your help and support! Your marketing ideas were really great. I just bought your book on my tablet and can't wait to read it! I really enjoyed your talk, there were definitely things I had not thought of before. I really appreciate all your help and insight. [Guest Speak, 6/1/2013]
Thank you so much for arranging to speak with my class last evening. It was a wonderful treat, and the students were very excited. I've posted the picture up on our course web page. I think the advice was absolutely what they need to hear as they prepare to graduate and test the job market. Thanks again Tony and good luck with the book sales!
On behalf of the College of Business students of the Strategy and Honors program and both the professors, Carroll and Gretchen, I would like to thank you for flying to the Bay Area and present to our students. As you could tell, the students loved your nuggets of wisdom and really wanted to connect with you. You do have a bright future ahead of you. Tony, we wish you all the very best and hope that when (not if!) you make it big, do remember your Alma mater and help spread the good word about us and also do think of supporting San José State University as one of the causes that you support. As you very eloquently told me yourself that the gift of education is the best gift of all, as it is a gift that transforms not just one generation, but multiple generations in the future! I am really hoping that you will support College of Business at SJSU as a tribute to your Real Estate Finance professor who changed your life!
You provided us with a great presentation today in my 189 class! Very informative, I only wish you had more time to speak
I really enjoyed your talk at Chapman University on Thur, May 2, 2013. I'm so glad the Chapman U. American Marketing Association opened the event to the public. As you know, I'm a retire school teacher and I was attending your talk to support you but I didn't think the subject would be relevant to me since I thought it was going to be about business. On the contrary, I found myself totally engrossed in your talk. The content was not just for business people, it was useful for anyone's career in an organization and in life. Your material was very good and you did a great job presenting.
On behalf of UBA, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your Wednesday night to share your insight and experience with promising UCI students. We received good feedback while students left.
Hi Tony, I was at the Tustin Young Professionals, etc. event you spoke at on Saturday. Thank you for spending your afternoon teaching us how to mooove away from the herd!
Dear Tony, I met you today at SJSU Resume Builder Session. I really appreciate your help by providing me your valuable suggestions and review comments on enhancing my Resume and how to excel in this competitive world. Discussion with you build up my confidence. Thanks Again.