Tony can provide a one-time motivational mentoring talk or develop a series of sessions and focus his training topics towards the needs and personnel level of the organization (individual contributors, high potentials, supervisors/managers).

Presentation overview and highlights

Tony presents advice and insight from his book, "Mooove Ahead! of the Corporate Herd", as the Keynote Speaker and Moderator of a panel of corporate employer’s represented in a colorful, entertaining, and impactful manner.

Tony’s talk is inspirational for people of all ages and levels within an organization. Even successful, seasoned professionals will have "ah ha" moments as they recall tips, business proverbs, and successful techniques presented during Tony's talk.

The standard presentation covers the following:

  • Introduce the topic of “Mooove Ahead! of the Corporate Herd”; career and business insight for young to mid-career professionals
  • Introduction of Tony Wong, previous experience and professional background
  • Moooving Ahead is more important than ever
  • So how do you separate yourself from the herd?
  • Concept and practice of Branding Yourself
  • 4 secret skills
  • More (cow) Tips
  • Managing up, “So, you want to be a Manager?”, and managing down
  • Networking and Communication Skills
  • Myths & Realities
  • Conclusion with time for questions and answers

Why the cow theme? Because Tony did not want this to be another dull, boring business book. He wanted to connect with the book’s target audience – young, aspiring professionals. Cows are catchy cute but as Tony put it, “more importantly, the theme offers a surprising number of relevant puns. Besides, being a Marketing guy he knew he needed a theme and he found it in cows because metaphorically the cow’s life represents the life of non-managers – they are all in the herd and get led around.

Depending upon what your Corporate Training Program goal is for your employees, “Mooove Ahead!” of the corporate herd” Presentation and Corporate Training Programs and materials can be customized and adjusted to focus on various chapters and sub-topics in the book! In order to assist you to receive the most comprehensive training for your employees please select from the following Book Chapters topics you would like Tony Wong to deliver to your team members.

Additional presentation material

Each presentation includes Hand-out materials of Key Actions Checklist that are covered at the end of each Chapter/topic you select so that your team members have an easy to use tool to take back with them for “on the job training!”

Tony has presented his book and sharing his knowledge in front of audiences including participants from the following companies:

  • Cisco Systems
  • Polycom
  • Net App
  • Robert Half

Interested on inviting Tony?

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